Gesture with Graphite 3D Knit and Cogent

Florence Knoll Credenza 4 Position
November 7, 2016
January 9, 2017

Gesture with Graphite 3D Knit and Cogent


Gesture is the first chair uniquely designed to support the changing ways people work and interact with technology. Our global study revealed the human body’s tendency to assume nine positions throughout the day, inspiring a new approach to seating design. Whether toggling between multiple devices, texting or leaning back and taking it all in, Gesture is equipped to deliver ergonomic, eight-hour support.


  • A new sitting experience designed with a back and seat that move as a synchronized system moving with each user to provide continuous and persistent support
  • Arms move like a human arm which allows users to be supported in any position
  • Seat has comfort all the way to the edge with a flexible perimeter to allow users to sit in a range of positions
  • Arms and shoulders remain supported regardless of device being used
  • Designed to be quickly adjustable and takes into account various body types and sitting preferences
  • Gesture’s core equalizer provides lumbar support; additional adjustable lumbar support
  • Weight tested and warranted up to 400 lbs. with no loss of performance

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